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Monday, October 10, 2011
One-on-one. @ 10:56 AM

This morning i had this conversation with my mum about cars. It wasn't the first, and it was about rich people bidding for car plates.
Ya. People who have nothing better to do (Or rather spend on) but to bid for ridiculous car plates. Yeah, like oh that car's having a car plate 99. -.- And you are paying the price of what a few LV bags for it. Okay, totally don't get it. But my mum was like, look if you were that rich you would do this kind of things, you know, splurging/spendthrift. Well, then i thought perhaps this family has a fetish for car plates or to be different from other people by have a number 99 as their car plates, you know two digits? You know 1-10 belong to the royal members only, so they are quite near. You know? No i don't know.

Buying LV(s), splurging at Blackmilk, Or buying more clothes from bazaars and fleas makes much more sense to me. -.-

After reflection: I thought its like how guys always think why does women need so much clothes. But well, if guys have much variety and cheaper clothes they would; look at people from Lookbook.

Both from blackmilkclothing .
Alright, with all the rantings aside, i kinda have much wants recently. More towards wearables. haha, but you have got to spend some bux for it!!
Boohoo! saving for good stuffs, definitely worth. :) I guess.

With FYP i am headed for a busy period. Like serious busy, cause i am going to mug for it. Like i have to. Because i have no clue how am i going to do it, but i am going to do it (Imma own it!). That's the fun part i guess, challenging myself for greater heights. We never know what's coming so wait for it or work with what you have now.

"It's never what you are made of but what you do with what you are made of."  - Step up 2.

Live for today because even today is given by grace. Never waste your time for time never waits and can never be renewed. You can only go forth and thus learn and take whatever you've got seriously and not seriously. hahaha, get what i mean? :)

Right now, i know that i have lord with me taking the lead. Though i almost say I, yet i am constantly reminded of How my Lord is my Lord. He is the reason why i am existing and what i have/had. :)

"I decided in the end to ____, _____, and everything in between."
There are prolly many things i live(d) by, and i feel that listing them down isn't going to make you remember them nor living by it. It will just serve as a promise or guide that you should abide. You change, the world turns, what's new? :) Everything. :)

Okay, i should stop, recently i am getting older than my age. What's wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

BYEBYE! - suie!

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.