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Sunday, April 11, 2010
A time to remember - ACJC @ 9:27 AM

I finally found the answer to my previous post. The person, that can really understand how you feel. Your soul-mate/best weather mate.

Anyway, recently i have been eating like crazie. Not in a sense, like snacking/munching. But meals. Full meals.

Boo. Having your period while being sickk is kinda contradicting at times. Attended AC's concert today. Was okay. Kinda Expected what i was to hear, or maybe not. :)
Went with KJ & JJ. Freaking entertaining trip all the way and back. It's like so long since i went out with KJ, and glad that we did some catching up and such. :)

Took plentiful pictures and took me awhile to edit, too bad Facebook don't seem spontaneous enough to load the pictures up.
Dinner was at bugis, was pretty amazed that despite a sunday night, it was kinda quiet. No squeezing at bugis street & freaking long queues && we didn't have to wait long for our food to be served. :)))

Happie. The only thing is that i freaking spend like a zillion bucks these days. Have to admit that i gotta do some saving up soon. I am like soon 18. Seemed pretty old.

{Just couple days back some random peeps say that me and mich looked like secondary students.} :))

Wee, alright, i suppose i am supposed to have more sleep since i am sick & i am not getting better && i am not taking my medicine regularly. :(

Okay. Scooting off;
loves suie. ;)

P/s: Once upon a time everything happens, but you would think it was a lie.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.