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Friday, December 31, 2010
Morning. @ 5:15 PM

Yepp. It's the first morning of the new year. A very bright morning sun we have.
Wondering why i could get up so early. Insomnia. Truthfully, in anywhere but then, i am not regretting time spent on the last day and the first moments/dawn of 2010/2011.
For every time of the year we would speak of it.There are certain things i want to do, certain resolutions to accomplish, just not yet going to post it. 91681399. There is a certain ring to it, but i don't remember why. Honestly, i just might. But seriously i am going to put it behind. Not that speaking about it makes me cry, but i do hope its a memory worth sharing in time. It's time i realize the true importance and mean of forgiveness. And certainly all that comes with it. This is something worthed in my diary, but somehow it's going to be up here without edition. Certainly worth waiting, what's going to happen when everyone is past the crazy prime. 18th that is. Having dance practice later but i am not going to tire. Even if i am to, i will persevere. :)

More than words; for the friends.
And very thankful for the family i have and the only God above watching my every day, every way, and my back.


p/s: Still as random i guess...

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.