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Friday, December 24, 2010
Winter solstice. @ 5:31 AM

A celebration for the every end and start of the year. Because when something ends, is the mean of the starting of something else. ;)
Today's the eve of christmas. And if i were out there taking pictures, it wouldn't be words. Some times i so much want to like get a camera and take pictures of what i do and just post it up here. Or let say something interesting i've seen. So that i would not have to like type so much. Typical lazy of me.
Just finished my dinner, grabbed a bar of chocolate and started blogging, despite that i have much work to do for publicity. Well, whats's christmas without chocolates right! :) Feeling a little joyous and happy, even though i was disappointed with myself a little today. Or very much. Spent three quarts of the day at studio. Danzation full run. I should try all i can, to over come my barrier of being nervous. Grr. Went home feeling super hungry and had to lugged so much stuffs. Stuffed myself silly then, and super full now. :) Just met cheng to pass him he's box and pressie. :) Saw arran and Tan. :) I saw snow today too. Loads. Sprinkles of them. They werent in colors though [I do hope to see it one day]. Tonight, they were white. Pale transparentish.
Talking about winter and christmas. I would not miss any pre-christmas/christ mas gifts exchange. Had two recently, and received a diary book, bookmark, pens, mug, towel pets, and a set of monopoly deal.
Having to spend my eve and the day itself dancing. I might as well make it the whole day. :) Yeah, i know i could have done much more. But dancing is really something i want to do so much, and i believe the others too. :) The feeling of watching all dancers coming together, showcasing what we have put together, its really.. awesome. :) The feeling is immersingly fantantastic. I really love dancing like crazy. I would complain the tough times and boring times. But when the music is on and the feeling kicks in, unstoppable` :)

Alright i need to really really start on the publicity work. And checking of my mails. Else it'd be eating into my sleep time.MWAH.


Luxx, Suie/kiki.


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