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Saturday, December 18, 2010
Nemesis - White dwarven @ 4:13 AM

For every time i looked at my page i stare and think of the things i could have said.
For every time i looked at post page, i stare blank and mute away.

Sigh. Perhaps when i want myself to stop thinking about, then i would come upon my post page and stare and blank-out. Perhaps.

Days were a little tiring, fun and contradicting. For the many reasons and some of those, i wouldn't reveal nor tell anyone so. Perhaps, just here or there alone. For there were many ways a human could tell another how things happen and why so.

I shall talk about to-day.
Could have slept more because the curtains weren't drawn. Had to drag myself up for project meeting. Which went better than i thought it would. Though There were some man's ego around.
Head over to Alcova with michelle shortly after saying good byes to teammates. Had a higher expectation on this flea market than the one at scape. But turns out, scape was better. I wonder is it Judaical. Because wherever the stone lady appears to be, the flea market where she is is good. haha. Met sister while hugged michelle goodbye. And went home after sissy explored the flea. Dinner was as awesome. And maybe thats the reason why i am like __. OH NO. :(
Anyhow, i am so glad that exams are over. And a dreading feeling of holidays are going to pass fast is haunting me. I need some freedom somewhere, but i've yet to repay some of my debts. Gotta be quick. Before the year ends and starts again. :)

Short post for now. ;) Brought a lot today. I hope i can keep somewhere i remember. :(

Loves suie.

P/s. It's not easy loving someone. Anyone. Including me.. Including you. My emotions are getting obvious. Were you playing a fool or do you really?

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.