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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
relatively @ 6:35 AM

"I do hope i have the strength to start anew. To start over again. To stand up once more. To come back." suie.

If i have to walk alone i venture to places i have never been before, but if i follow the crowd i can only go as far as the crowd brings me.
There is always a counter quote/reply to any quotes/phrases;

Just like how everything doesn't seem the same, or mean the same in different perspective and to every individual.
Second day of school. Butt is aching like mad. Literally.
Slipped, fell and slide down the stairs. Almost fell and face plant five times within two days.

School is okay. But i am feeling sick. Probably gonna need more rest. Maybe it's time for me to grow up. even though i will still be as retarded, muddle head, forgetful and... Crazily insane time to time. :)
And always: weird&random. :)
And and: i will still be doing sports and dancing. :)

Anyhow, school work is falling in once more, all the teachers/ lecturers i have met till now for my modules are okay. But i am having strange and funny combination of group members for the semester. I am a little terrified i must say, for i really want my grades to be better and i am not sure if.. my new mates are able to work as well and efficient together like my past group mates.

But worries aside, i am sure a new semester is going to be.. fun and better.
Feeling relatively good, because i gave up somethings and thought through some things. Had some rest and got to know one of the surgery of my friend's little sister went well. Happy. Thank God. ;)

Okay, i should leave it here. And about it. I suppose i am going to blog more often already.


P/s: i still miss you. And to another you, i only have regrets, but i am going to cancel them all for once.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.