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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
when keys to your heart are just bullsh!t. @ 8:25 AM

Have you ever wonder how does it feels to be somebody that you never thought you'd be. Not in the sense where it's horrid to you, but some how it never strikes to you.

Class outing today. Technically, a mini-class outing. :) Brought tad too much food, but we had fun. The weather was perfect, windy enough for flying kites and scorching enough to give you a nice tan. I suppose that is good. ;) Anyway, time passes real fast as we clear and sat at the cafe just beneath for some cooling down. The shake was pretty much like blended milk.
Settled dinner over at suntec, (I really forgot that there was Astons) Not bad.
Random chatting makes a trip shorter. Thanks for being such a good friend to me. Even though we are not that close yet, but i hope we would be. D.

Next chapter:

I wonder how it is like to have your Tee Shirt on. Maybe it's the feeling that you get from doing it. And the things you pin on it when you return it back to him.

"I have been far too strong for far too long.."
This is exactly how i feel right now these days. I haven been quite getting an expression/metaphor/word/phrase for it. Until today.

Perhaps this is why i am so super cranky/unstable/temperamental/mean/moody/whatever these days&weeks.
Forgive me people, because i guess my emotional quotient is that low.

I skipped dance today unintentionally, i really didn't know. And i freaking have to get to Clarke Quay. Gah.

Click, *pauses* Click.
Next up, Training Camp on this coming friday until sunday. :) Gonna watch 'Eat, Pray, Love' on Next thursday, hopefully. :)
And receiving results on the 1st day of camp / 1st October. :(
Sometimes i love the feeling of snapping pictures, and when the peeps starts to come over to take a look at the shots, they can't. :) ( The whole bothering thingy won't start. And you don't even have to fear that your camera goes out of Battery. ) :)

:) I know i am being random, but i am starting to love myself. I mean, if i don't, who would? :)

Right, suppose i should stop here. I am tired of waiting and waiting, and you're currently the first guy i actually am doing it. Dont make me slap your face.

Leaving. :)
Love like errrrrr. suie. :)

P/s: Some times words are just words, they don't mean anything.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.