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Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Whatever makes it ticks. @ 9:05 PM

Reluctantly got on the lappy today to check out timings for movies.
Feeling all-so-sore enough, It would get worst by using the lappy.
I suppose i am supposed to be feeling all energizer-charged because it's the first day of my holidays to-day and some others [or rather most], are still there slogging their guts out and staying up late for their remaining papers and all.

Spent most of the day yesterday with Michelle, K and Alvin.
It was great; simply because i get to meet up with Michelle after oh-so-long. Been missing her and she says she don't miss me. :(
Anyway, Caught up with her with some stunning news. I don't get it! WHY! I want awesome cameras to play with too. Sh!tz.
Went to Books Actually; I love it there, the strong smell of books, overwhelming toys that never seem to stop amusing me && lovely finds you always get to see when you're there. :) Brought K and Alvin over. Alvin seems bored though, and kenneth said he is indeed amused. :) Happies! :)

Desserts & films; Splitted with michelle aferwards, [meeting her on FRIDAY. *Smiles*] :)
Then caught 'Grown ups' with K and Alvin. The starting wasn't much but it was a nice watch in the end. Ramen + random talking + long 17minutes wait for an extremely sweet milktea from Koi. I seriously don't like Koi from Bugis. Sh!tz.

Ended the day feeling blue, I don't really want the day to end so soon;
I got home and packed, showered and slacked,
I stared at space and slowly went to bed;
I flipped and slept, woked and snacked;
And now i really don't wish to move a muscle,
because i am lazy and fat.

Right, I have to go soon.
Logging off.

P/s: i find myself being more like you.
p/p/s: Escape.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.