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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
On top, on fire. But my heart lingers deep down, With icicles. @ 8:39 AM

I don't understand why am i having insomnia now and then. And its more frequent recent. Perhaps i am tensed up due to the overwhelming tension from exams and well you know.
Met up early with dudu and gym-ed. Not exactly gym; gym-ed, but we did a little mini workout. But nonetheless my appetite just ruins it. I know i shouldn't but i just don't don't understand some a time i do this for.

My heart literally broke today. Like broke; broke.
I shouldn't. Shouldn't.
Rushed down with an abrupt meeting with Yzhang, before catching up to carmen and xin for a fantastic movie; 'Step up 3'. I'd say the previous ones were better? Storyline(s) that is, and the whole acting thingy. Step up 3 would be more like a dance thingy, like continuous dance videos but you get to see the characters there, like a story or a crew's life. :) Something like that.
The dances and dancers were slick; sick; marvelous. Anesthetic Awesome. Like yeah. :]
Was pretty happy watching it. ;)
Astons afterwards, i think i broke my eating record, like i top in a 15minutes. Unbelievable and indigestion. Oh dear. But anyway, greedy me still went home and ate a pack of sweets and a roll of biscuits. ;(

Good. Caught like two hours (CRIME) of Korean shows; Happy! I love T.O.P !
Anyway, with that my day officially ended, with me blogging while settling some Social stuffs;
Compensating with a one-two hour of studying/revising and Blah. :)

I am missing you for a reason. Listen to my head, my heart. And i know you always did with an evil heart. For once, just once, yet another time, will you look me the way you looked me when we were young?

Logging off;
Loves suie.

P/s: I realized it's okay. Because it's not love. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.