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Monday, August 02, 2010
Helpless @ 12:54 PM

When we talk about blogging, some people just don't get it.
These days to me, mundane. There are simple too much disheartening things to talk about and it seems my blog now carries a different vibe of me.
When my best friend actually tells me that hey, life's like that. It set me thinking that am i being foolish all along being so nice and kind to people? But i think again, it is their loss to guard against one and other. Isn't it?

Fine. I just don't get it do i?
Anyway, i suppose this is a part where i had to get through and grow up. Even i had the means to be cruel and mean, i guess people just don't easily accept this part of me. Hah.
Didn't want to lose this part of humanity you guys held on eh? But anyway, i am not that good/nice/kind either. Perhaps at times i just chose to be that way.

In school people say how did i get such a joyful vibe, they asked if i carried myself like that at home. I smiled and said i just cried you know? And he actually said yes, i can tell.
That moment seems a lot, and prolly meant a lot too.

As time grew, i realized i seem to type faster than i could write, which prolly means that i will spill much more inner thoughts and feelings of mine here rather than keeping it in a book of mine.
And speaking of which i don't know why do i trust people so much.

I got owned by __ ____ _____.

Right, i ought to get some sleep after i print my reflection.

Loves suie;
p/s: if i dont who does? speak and comment if you wishe,but in the end i wouldn't care cause you dont know me.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.