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Saturday, July 10, 2010
sweet @ 5:38 AM

I know i am about to blog about random things in my life. Technically it is going to be part of something, my life, that when life goes forward it marks something that has happened before, as a part of my memory. :)

Recently, or maybe not so recent. I have been very mean. And well, some a time i paused to reflect and think. But then again, i went on doing the same thing and even meaner. And then i expect people to understand why am i doing this. Perhaps they never will. But.. Its just that, maybe i am too tired to be that oh-so-nice girl anymore. Maybe.

Some might feel that, hey you could just be you, but i am me. Well, it is just a matter of your own choices to act or behave how you want to be right ? And then making it a habit.
You start from doing it, then bit by bit, then a bit more, where it will end up as a habit.

Assignments and more. School is indeed tiring, but i suppose being a human is even more. Don't you think? Maybe life would be better if you stop caring so much, someone told me. But guess what, i answered him this a way, It is just another saying of, you have been hurt and you want to hide, to prevent yourself from getting hurt again, and by doing so, you would hurt the ones that are caring. Ya, And, i know i have been very... not say arrogant, but not exactly that humble. Saying how good am i. But honestly, i may be the worst friend/bitch around.

I have been lying, almost the entire life of mine.
Yes. I have been.
I doubt any one would care anyway. Well, i know life's isnt all a bed of roses for everyone and anyone.
Wanna try my life for a period ? Be me? see what i see, feel what i feel, and know what i am thinking about ?
I bet you will get the shock of your life. Maybe.
Once again, i am not typing oh-so emotional hardcore here.
But it's a matter of perspective again hur? Like, you can either grumble because roses have thorns or be thankful because thorns have roses.
I.am.fat.I.am.slim.I.am.fat.I.am.Slim.I.am.chubby.I.am.Slim.I.want.to.maintain.I.want.to.lose.weight. But it seem so far away. I know. I know. I know everything. Just shut up.

Loves, suie. ;)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.