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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Sparkles. @ 10:49 PM

I am so tired, eyes barely opened, i scuttled around the house to do this and that.
I have so much to do.
I could just ignore everything, like i already had. But there will always be this annoying feeling / emotion weighing me down. Responsibility? Don't think it was.

So, i am skipping school today. Okay, i really sound like a kid.
Having headaches at random frequencies.
The image of my bed flickers in the head too. I guess i am about to fall sick, just right after my sister did.

Eight school work. To be defeated by Tomorrow.
Woke at five in the morning just to send my nanny off. Had breakfast with mom on her car.
And because i had a little coffee, and was tad too full. I couldn't lie to myself about dreamland. Stood up and accompany both my mom and sissy to the hospital. She was sick.
After sending sissy to school i went grabbing newspapers off the rack, reading it while mom had her coffee.

Soon i fell asleep. I swear it was like a dream when my mom came by me and slept beside me, and when i woke up, i saw it wasn't. :)

Then i went around searching for that damn clock. It was twelve in the afternoon. I jumped and ran for my phone, it wasn't charged at all. Damned.
I think it's spoiled, either the charger, which i am sure not, The wire, most prolly, and the phone itself, which i highly suspected too.

Messenger. Was at times your best friend. I had to admit, even how much i contradict and hate it. DL was telling a fact, pinpoints.
I was super duper late. For both school and group work.

Contacted my mates. I feel bad making them worry and wrapping up for me so many times. Even at times i feel like killing them. :)
I miss SL & HY. I don't know why. Shucks my lappy battery with HJ. Gotta get for him tomorrow.

Sometimes i wonder, which is better, being a kid or an Adult. Then i realized both wasn't as bad, until you discover growing up was the hard part.

I remembered a couple of errands to see to.
Should i run errands or stay home and rest today.
Total dilemma.

After two hours.

Ate Lunch. Super filling! :)
:) Alright, i am chan su ie without phone.


Leaving; :)
Loves suie.

p/s: never disrupt the chain of thoughts.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.