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Saturday, May 29, 2010
What is hate? @ 9:02 AM

Pretty tired after sucha long day.
Showered, and feeling all fresh! Yippeess! :)

Went for dance this morning, and scoot off to find M&M's over at cathy! {Michelle say i am dancing almost everyday and turning anti-social}
Hanging out with them is FUN!
Caught 'Prince of Persia', Considering myself lucky that i missed the starting, 'cause it makes the whole thing kinda fake, according to michelle and kishy. :)
Anyway, the whole thing was nice, action filled with all the suspense and all. When i thought 'Robin Hood' was okay, this beats it hands down. :)

According to gamers, the stunts performed by the 'Prince of Persia' in the movie was same as it was in the game. :) Awesome much? The moves were nice. :)) pretty much enjoyed it while munching my bread all the way. :)
Afterwards, was feeling super drained and hungry, so went over to Dhouby, Plaza-Sing for Dinner. :) Dinner was okay, set aside for the atmosphere, the noise and nuisance people. Yucks.
Had ice-cream and met up with kishy, random chattings and all. Both guys lost weight. Hmm..

Went for circle-line and was then suppose to head over to the airport for some Overnight-study-camping, but anyway, went for jogging with xinxin, had a long chat with her too. Just some random chatting. It was.. .Nice. :)

Haha. It seems like the word for me uh? ;)
Hidaya was being cute today, entertaining me and gave me three words 'Laugh, Laugh, Laugh'

Which i pondered about it.

"I laugh when i am happy, I laugh when i am scared, And i never laugh because it was needed to, but i laugh because i want to." - suie

Laugh to cover up. Laugh to avoid. In snigger's, in smirks, in giggles, in haughtiness.
Its' some a times, the same. :)

Right, better not bore my readers. :)
Right then, overall had a wonderful day, which ended with goodbyes to Kishy, michelle and matthias, and weixin. :)

I love them all. Going to start on my work, or rather much planning and pondering about my birthday. :)

Love you guys.

Peace, leaving.
loves suie.

P/s: when it comes; it comes. When it goes; it goes. Whats yours will be yours, and whats not will, not say never, but for just, not.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.