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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
concluding something so strange. @ 12:43 AM

" Tears ran down my cheeks like waterfalls with no end,
Many thoughts flashed across my mind as much as thousands of pins went thru' my heart;
for the pricked so much; even how small they were.
I wonder why.

I lesser heed great advice from crystal, and clarified things of untruth to people;
those of whom i need not explain things to.
As i see the words of future from their mouths, when i gave no promises of those;

I bare my heart, for they had,
for the one who hits;
not only hurt me but also those around me.

Kill him. Do whatever it is,
Because in the end your the ones laughing not me,
and your the ones not hurting but ;
unto me.

For all it mattered, not him;
not others, not me ;
But you three.

Just so you know, i have none to control, none to choose from and hence not to decide.
For understanding, i dare not ask anymore. But for forgiveness i not ask because i did not failed,
It is who i am for you bared, and its for who you guys are i loved.

Slashed when i was weaken,
Tied when i was to be gone,
I shan't ask more for it is beyond me,
But i will not do what is asked if it is not what i think it should be, and when it is just to satisfy or to appease. "

- Suie

Leaving here.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.