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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Many time so little things. @ 8:00 AM

Good news, its technically it's Thursday already and officially LHJ's eighteenth!!!!

But nevertheless, i shall still classify today as Wednesday, So today had a very fun day with my mates and dance. Though i am really kinda dishearten by some of the events that happen today. But i have to buck up because no one can make you feel truly happy, but yourself under the influence of others. :)

It seems i am able to summarize my day in sucha short para. :) WEEE.
An awesome view i had yesterday, Unlike today, yesterday's raining scene seemed and look liked what it seems a snowing scene. :) Really pretty. It caught me, but how sad it was when people don't stop and see. They overlook the things right beside them whilst having their eyes on the front, looking at the objective / prize.

Oh well. I guess only some of them realize how big and beautiful the world is. Crediting the artsy people. ;) E.g; designers/photographers/painters.

Okay, i shall end here more or less. Shit the letter is still stuck in my bag. Must remind self.
Buy pen. Read text book. Do card. Wrap present. Buy stamp. Send letter. Tidy your room and materials.


Leaving here;
loves suie.

I seem to have a thousand words to say. But it just stop at the tip on my tongue/fingers. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.