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Monday, April 19, 2010
Food @ 9:43 PM

I am freaking hungry. Freaking. I am such a nag, repeating it and irritating my mates beside me. 'Cause i am really freaking hungry!

GAWD. Next, was almost late for school. Thank goodness for cab. :) I agree to carmen that they are lifesavers. ;) At times. :)
School is a total bore up to now. Break's at 1pm and then three more hours to go. What to do. Dance is at 8.30pm. SAD. Should i dance ? but then again i hurt my ligaments. :(
I am missing a lot of people. Maybe after my break up i should spend it on friends, dance and academics. Sounds not bad ? but i am feeling weird. Numb even. Hmm. I am pretty amazed by how far an extend people can go. Including myself. :) i am seriously surprised. I didn't realize. But maybe its the learning i had, and the love within. Love is never wrong, its the people in it and the ones using it.

Anyway, i have to go. freaking hungry continue laterrr.

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