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Monday, April 19, 2010
What's wrong when it never happened. @ 5:40 AM

Just came home from bugis. Collected our pathetic pictures which i think it was not bad already in spite of my amateur skills. :))))

Having this current unsorted shitty feeling in me. Makes me uncomfortable, like i had just lost a huge chunk of my life or rather lose control of it. Perhaps it's something that we call feeling numb. Or is it not ?

Anyway, school started out like OMG. Woke up at 9.30am when school starts at 10 am. Borrowed money from mum to cab to school, yet i forgot to bring my wallet out. Next, reached school and had to run up to my class to lend money from my mates 'cause i didn't have my phone with me. :(

Boo. And i didn't bring my laptop which caused me to receive a mini scolding from my lecturer. It sounded like i was stoopid or something. Like. OMG.

Oh well, that pretty sumed up my day. And still. It feels weird. Alright. I had to go shower.

Goodbye. :)

p/s: i am fine. There's a hole to be filled, but i guess i just have to get over with it and be comfortable with it.

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