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Thursday, April 22, 2010
The stone of my heart @ 9:35 AM

Yes. A big chunk of it came off. It's akin to losing someone important in your life. I wonder if things like that are predestined at times.

Today was dance4fund. It's really enjoyable, really. All the times in rehearsals, the improvement we had between each other, regardless of communication, teamwork or attitude.
I really, really hope that there will be much more performance in the future and that all of us can perform together again. It will be much better and fun i suppose.

Next, having being without phone for almost five days i finally met up with arran to get back my phone. i really felt the tension between arran and dre when arran arrived. But i know it's because he really cared and worried for me. Thanks arran for being such a wonderful friend for this long. everything you had done. All the time. :)

Right. Nearing a week of my break up, i am picking the pieces. Putting them to place, but then i still feel weird. Like i am trying to cover up. No matter how much i try to cry, because i feel like it, i could not. Maybe circumstances, maybe situation and maybe because i shouldn't.

But anyway, its a change in my life that i should accept. Not of all easy i know, but not of all difficulty too.

Right, i don't feel like typing so much up here before i sort out my feelings and emotions. I am suppose to be a grown up. I suppose. But i really miss the times being childish with you, playing games all day, doing nothing, watch movies, ordering Mcdonalds because we are really lazie people. The many months together. The tears the flowed, the dreams and future we claimed.
Never one of us expected this, everyone thought this is it, we were meant to be, we are the envy of theirs and the relief they had for you was commendable. But who knew. who knew.

i guess i better sort everything else first.
Loves suie.

Note:I am feeling kinda indifferent. And then i recalled this: "It's either your pretending or your really that cheerful." which i doubted if i am really this optimistic about things going on or i am subconsciously putting up an act.


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