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Sunday, April 25, 2010
Something small @ 12:49 AM

Yeah, me without make up. :)

Anyway, so glad that all tensions are over. And cooping myself at home seems to do the job best. But i guess i gotta stop doing this soon.
There is like a million things to be done and many decisions to be made. And i am really really trying my best to catch up and make the best out of everything. It seems like no one really cares, but when sonmething goes so wrong, i feel guilty and they feel its me that is to be blamed.

Right. Been typing voraciously and i hope that my just manicured nails can survived it. Else it's a waste of my time and moo-ney to do it. :(

Talking about it, i spent half the day at home, was going to rot in my bed until nanny showed up and brought me late lunch on bed. How sweet. :))) Had milo and lunch while spamming Dance videos. :))) awesomeee.

Bounty hunter later with mate. ;) Company for the night. :) wooots. Really got to go get what i need before time runs out again! NYUU, i need my NIKES. :)))

Leaving here;

Loves suie.

P/s: its when you don't think about it, it don't come back. But what if you do and it does ?

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.