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Saturday, April 24, 2010
Being. @ 9:08 AM

Pretty much awesome.
{Freak, i typed a whole chunk and it got deleted by two keys. Ass.}

*Whines* Have been gaining pounds without a logical explanation, sometimes i wonder how i do that too. Food intake? Exercise output? Boo. I really don't know & it just don't make sense.

Had Band tune-in today. And went out with Jac in the afternoon till late night.
It was freaking warm today with scorching sun and acid rain. Both of us spent the day pampering ourselves. Bumped into Darren while i had my manicure done. {Interesting eh?}
Next, head down to Cathy @ dhouby for our scrumptious Japanese Dinner. Lastly ended with a late night shopping trip at Bugis Street. Tangerine Tofu. :) Had my drink while jac had her ice-cream before taking a long bus ride home. Meanwhile jac say i smell of one of her guy friend. :( O.M.G.

I am loving my nails, not really my new found curves though. But i really am confused about what to do. Maybe the memories made up with you this year long really did matter.
Am i trying too hard or did i just plainly give up?
Its too late for regrets anyway.

I really love my friends. My lord. My Shepard. My sister. My family. And what do you know, i really loved you. And am still loving that miracle.

Leaving here;
Loves load suie.

P/s: Was these real, or it was a beautiful lie i/we made up?


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.