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Monday, April 26, 2010
no.. wait. I mean life's like this.. RIGHT? @ 11:49 PM

Hang on. I thought i was getting this alright. But no, i didn't. Not even close enough or close to it.
I paused. Just there, hoping that it will be gone someday, but wait, i didn't even register it just yet. It seemed all so quick yet it has already been months, days and weeks. Yes i know it doesn't go, but this is mine. All mine. No wait, it isn't.. is it ?

This is all so confusing, each morning i wake up with hopes filled and smiling all the way. ANd yet every day, my mind have to be triggered, i could not stop myself. It seemed like a drug, it hurt so badly in the end but i wanted it so much at the start. Not of all i know but just a few in particular that hurt the most.

I know that these might not be of any sense, and maybe a few years down the road it will all be some random texts.

I am feeling so numb, so confused. I feel like stopping everything which i am of those that i have control of. Then again i am cheating myself isn't it? And who doesn't in their life at some point or simply every single day ?

People can tell me that life or the world isn't that beautiful, but i can tell them that anything and everything and life that existed in this world/life is beautiful, was beautiful and will be beautiful, that is because they are Gifts from GOD.

Anyway, that's not the point. But i thought that maybe i could do so much things in my life but i chose not. Maybe its called a stereoed type of thinking. And maybe because we are afraid to. Any other way, we would still stop and think about/of the 'What if(s)' in our life. Simply like that.

Programming again. OMGT. Will ever boring modules stop bothering us. :(
I was supposed to be happy, because i have drum sticks in my room. Which i pretty much was, simply thrilled and excited all the way from school to home til' the next day. But then it happened again.

I rushed to school in the morning, hopped on an empty bus. Saw my percussion senior. *delights* Afterwards half dashed and half-walked to the lecture hall while admiring the trees, skies and pretty much everything else.

Surprised michelle outside her lecture hall. Said hie and bye whilst walking towards mine with fuyang. :) Sat down at the last row, and enjoyed the nice lecture with food and drinks. :)

Now. Awaiting for time to pass before i can go practice and head for dance. :)))) weee. LOVES MUCHIES. :)

I miss star munchies. I miss everything. The past. EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE DAY OF IT.

And how contradicting it would be & sound if i tell you next that, i would not exchange anything to get it back. Or, i would not want to be the same ?

Cheer up suie. You have a long way to run. :)

Leaving here;
Loves suie. :)))

p/s: Some random quotes came to mu mind, but later when i was about to write it down; i forgot about it.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.