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Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Someone. @ 7:54 AM

Freak. I am seriously unbearable.
School is simply boring with everything on the move. I can't believe i am still bored with everything, and i am constantly disturbing pople for that matter of fact. Gawd.
I need michelle. I miss rubbing my head against her shoulder. :)

Next, i began to realize that somehow or rather, situations always appear time to time to coerce someone to make a certain decision upon something. Which i really have to, now. :(
Well, at least i am receiving drum-sticks for my up and coming birthday. Am i not ? :)

Happy! :) {Ignoring the fact that i have much to catch up and read up for my academics.}
Going to meet up with the plastiqs this week. Can't wait. But i am missing iron-man 2 for that. Reasonable? i suppose so. And i guess i broke someone's heart for that. He was like nooo, my booking overpowers anyone's, and i was like they are my friends since _____________. So yeah, he was like oh.

Boo. I am really mean, ain't i? But i know michelle's meaner! YEAhhh! ;) Happies! :))
Upon saying this i am distracted by my tutor. Gawd, in the meanwhile i really have to find somthing fun to do. And suddenly i can't wait for my birthday to come! Holidays!!! aww. :) Many many freedom and things to do. Now you get to see how bored i am. :]]

A conversation.
Him: hi! my name is win.
Me: Hello! My name is ner. :)

Later after a few moments,

Him: hi! my name is wind.
Me: hello! my name is Fire. :)

This is what happened yesterday when i and him got so bored and went around to introduce ourselves. I think people might think we are crazy, yet crazily enough some of them really thought it was our names. :)
Great company hur ? Some a time i really think i am kinda nonsensical. Which i prolly am anyway. :) :) Hehe.
Wrote a mini essay last week for IS. Pretty enjoyable. Though i really dislike the module. But i know its pretty much a more enjoyable class then the rest. I actually partially can't wait for the next semester to come. I can't help to feel that i am wasting my life everyday. :(
That is kind of mundune isn't it?

BOOO, i need to do work already. Saddddd! ciaos. can't wait for friday. :)

Loves suie;

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.