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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Good girls. @ 9:26 PM

Boo. So i am so bored that i am resorted to blog now and then. I am so so so bored. :(
Not that i have nothing to do once more. But i am just so not organized. I really need to buck up. Like really. Where's my carefree life. I was so happy-go-lucky, so free that once.
Boo. I also need a tremendous amount of sleep. Like a lot. I just want to rot in bed.
O.M.G. Psychology tomorrow. :(

Right. Had a scrumptious breakfast with a dozen of text messages as sides today. :)))
Was suppose to go for band later, but something i deemed more important popped up.
So yeah, going for the other one. And it led me thinking so what i wanted was ..... ?

School suck big time. Things were going so fast when i am having a terrible start. Like i am so lagging behind. Talking to you didn't help much either. {Once again, if you think you are, you are. If you think otherwise then your not.}

Friends.Friends.Friends. Where are they when i need them the most. To think i always say i have awesome friends. But then again am i the one not contacting them and pushing them and their efforts away? I am just plainly weird. :(

Sheesh. I desperately need a lot of bubble tea. Like a lot. I really feel like eating nothing but bubble tea all day. Or maybe i just needed a swim.

Yes. All day. A swim would help.
&& I can't wait for my Birth-Day to come. I mean it would light me up, will it not ?

Gee. I have to go already. Loves love.
Swim.Swim.Swim. Bubbles.
Leaving here; Suie.

P/S : It's all down and all gone.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.