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Saturday, May 01, 2010
Unusual you. @ 3:28 AM

A time to my own. Like literally. Mum took shots and video of me swimming. Which then i realized how much weight and pounds i need to drop or shed off me. BooHoo.

I can almost hear michelle telling me that i am being paranoid.

:) - I miss her too much i guess.

I can almost hear Carmen trying to make fun of me.
Gosh, i really miss those times.
Tears come running when i felt what you felt that time.

Gosh, i am seriously regretting what i've told you all the while. And i miss you.
I was wrong. Like totally.

I hear music and screaming, images flashing. I really miss the hugs and accompany from you.

Xin xin.


Plastiqs, we ought to hang out soon. I am sorry for the miss in action like always. Leaving you guys nothing but words. (Most of the time.)
Thanks for loving me all the same. You guys are awesome. :)

Ate and ate. I seem to never stop hur. BooHoo.
Tomorrow 8km. I can't wait. :))
I need something to set me free.
School's starting again. I just wanna hide somewhere.
Work and more work. Will it ever ever stop. Its' all too tiring.

I need a change.

Leaving here; suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.