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Sunday, May 09, 2010
When it is time. @ 6:45 AM

Took this through my phone.

Pretty okay huh ? never thought that a phone's camera would be of this. :)
Anyway, before school starts, here's a little of spice and sugar.
Other then hanging out with crystal on Saturday, I went for band practice too. Left Glenn's drum-sticks there. Went home to practice on the piano, i suppose it helps.

Went for church this morning, River-life. Random roaming/shopping/flea and caught "back-up plan". Not too bad, quite a laugh too. By then i was starving like crazy, dinner at food court. Mom backed out on our scheduled dinner. BooHoo. Afterwards we all went home after picking up his sister, had a few buys and his sister gave me a dress. :)) How nice of her!

In the meanwhile, many a thing(s) happened, which i shan't elaborate.

School. Which i have been dreading. With all the knowledge not caught up and the work piling sky-high. I haven even finish the report for friday.
Adding on, i am only left with a hundred for the remaining half a month. :( oh dear.

Thank God holidays are coming again, followed with my birthday! :))

1. New urban male laptop bag.
2. EastPak shorts/ Bag-pack/ tote-bag
3. Nike BagPack.
4. Billabong pencil box

1. New laptop
2. New phone
3. New camera(s)
4. New danceshoes

1. sports wear
2. watch

1. I need to lose weight
2. I need to grow taller.
3. I need to revamp myself
4. I need to cheer up.

Lastly before i go;
I love you my shepard, my lord. :)


Loves suie! :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.