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Saturday, May 08, 2010
When your split into two, and how things got ironic. @ 8:15 AM

I happen to chance upon the picture in my lappy like just. :)

Anyway, enough of my dwellings and all. I am feeling super negative and cooped up. Sometimes i just hate myself for being so emotional and temperamental, causing the ones that are close/dear and loved ones being so affected by me. I mean, its' good to know&have someone caring and concerning about you, but i hate to make them worry for me.

Its' like having making them hurt as they love you. That sucked.

So another week has passed so quietly i thought my life ought to be a lil' more interesting. [Though i must say, its' a whole lot of drama going on already.]
Work and more work. Seems like common tests are coming but everyone's not feeling a thing. Or maybe they do but i just don't realize it. :)

Been spending like crazy over food, talking about that i totally know that its frustrating to go out with a vegetarian. Sorry guys! :)
Bumped into weixin and dance mates while out with crystal and her love. It's funny hanging out with them, the scene makes me smile time to time. :)
Had a few snacks here and there, and walking randomly before heading back home with a heavy heart.

The weather can be so unpredictable at times and hence didn't get to do jogging today. [Or perhaps i was too lazy to use the treadmill. ;)] Had dinner before showering and started rummaging my wardrobe for something to wear tomorrow. Mother's day celebration. Which i haven got a gift for my mom yet. Shucks! Settled on something toned down, and jumped onto my bed with a pile of magazine. I desperately need comfort and ice-cream. :)

Supposed to get started with some work and all, especially our assignment. But anyway, i shall take things slow and easy. :) Gonna mug, mug, mug. I hope. ;)

Right, mum's nagging already. :)
leaving here;

Loves loads suie. ;)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.