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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Nameless @ 7:40 PM

"I thought that it would be hard, it would be difficult. But who knows that the barrier has always been myself." - suie

Currently plugged in for E-Learning.
And also onto Justin Bieber's Baby.

I know, it contradicts. :) {I mean myself.}
Anyway, went for the interview yesterday. Another MLM. (Multi-Level Marketing)
I know its also a strategy, but just don't like how it works. I know typically in a shop, it works almost that way too.

Having a crash breakfast now. Oh no. :)
Listening to teacher's voice. Hypnotically.
Have to finish shower in thirty minutes and rush to school.
E-learning is suppose to finish at eleven-morn, having lessons at 1pm, and my school is at Clementi. I live at Simei. (west and east)
It seems that i am always repeating this. :) Just to emphasize. :)

Right. I am badly missing a swim right now. WATER, i miss you. :(
Anyone free on a friday morning to swim with me ?
I hope. :)

Wait. I just found someone to swim with me. :)
Alright, teacher is going to end the E-Learning process.
Hmm.. okay. So i shall go. :)

see ya people! ;)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.