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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Debation. @ 12:17 AM

Ain't life full of that crap?
Next stop of life the hitch and ride dot com.

I am currently down with swollen and obese disease .
Having eczema cream and weighing machine to keep me in check but kinda not really working.
It will be possible that i can lose weight. i MUST. :)

Right. Back from astronomy trip to find that things just keep piling and piling, some which i didn't do and manage to get over, but its not doing the future any good, like haunting back. As it is needed.
Sighs~* I really need a break and breather. Like a whole lot.

Some Random things i posted within:

1. "I suppose i am trained to be like this.
And i do not want to change it. Because i believe its that rare to have a mindset like mine upon things that i've gone through in my life.

And undeniably that there are many people out there who has been through much more sh!t and unimaginable things than me. But it all boils down to the things you do, choices you made, the situation, the circumstances, the options and way out you have, and so forth that leads to many of what you called "been throughs", experience and past.

--------------------------------------------- "

2. "i have to say how i feel. How i feel about you. I can deny , i can avoid, but when it mattered in the heart i can't but lost.

These and that, everything else and anything of whatever that left, i am feeling so old, so desolated so confused and lost.

I miss you, many parts of you, i can't remember any, i can't figure much,
but i know i am dreading, i am missing, Dreading to remember, but missing so much of naught.

I really really was in need of you. but no matter what i am still lost and broken, because now i am walking a new path, no, a same path but without you.

Really, really what am i suppose to do but to guess what you would do and how would you be when i wasn't with you. But you seem so good, ole' with vig, i am happy, impressed, but then again, i can't help it, can't help it to feel sad.

will you be, around me, for once again beside me, for once again be there for me, the receiving end, the one i cried for and i ran into.

I really love you, though at some point i doubted that you really do.

Loves suie. "

3. "

when some of the days get mundane
Like now. fulfilling things of what people tell you to. School work? errands ? jobs ?

How about your life when you are wasting them away. Bit of it. Every part of it. memories? Pffs.

I know i am of human too, but to think of those who thought naught. Thats humunoid. ANnd i bet half of the population are somewhat at least humanoid.

i feel mean."

But now i feel, i really felt the meaning and the need to be good.
Karma, remember ? Late or instant, it will come.
Someday, somehow, somewhere.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.