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Friday, May 21, 2010
RING @ 1:12 AM

Okay. Freaking screwed my presentation today. And pretty much most of my schedule.
AM at social psychology class now. Presentation.
Was suppose to be answering, and i was up stumped, stamped.
Many many thoughts, lots to say, and strings of blames and faults.
Additionally, today was the cramped class day, which we then get to get a day off the next ... next week i think. :)

Having these negative thoughts aside, I thought that i need more focus and more hard-work put in, but first, some rest. :)
Posting on mel, mel-blog, was fun.. But time-limitedddd!!!!!!!!
Having dance today which i thought i could take two classes, but maybe not, unless i can fly.
Hmm, or maybe i'll just run there. :)
Another skit presentation later, i hope everything will be better later! PLEASEEEE! :)))
ahhh. Boo, tell me what's your definition of soliciting. -.-
Bah bah black sheep have you had any wool! yes sir yes sir, three bags full!

Recently, i thought what you said makes sense. More sense than i thought it would. When i kept thinking that this time it was me making sense. Haha, maybe i shall stick back in making dollars. :)
I really love you! YOU YOU YOU! ;)

Leaving here; Loves suie.

p/s: i just want something simple, something that won't bring heartbreaks when i talk about it. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.