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Friday, June 04, 2010
The Atmosphere. @ 5:48 AM

I know that i should be frigging studying now instead of snacking, doodling, being on the lappy and going out for bubble-tea and meals. :( what to do ? :(

I am terrifically bored. To the max. It's like i have a thousand and one things to do yet i am feeling freaking bored, tired and lethargic. I feel like dancing, doodling, drawing, designing, shopping and hanging out. I want to read stories, but definitely not text books, apart from physics text books that is. :(
I have like three text books in-front of me, of three modules. The other has many freaking weird codes to remember and understand and yet they did not provide us the least of notes and a freaking text book. ._. i am certainly procrastinating.

I am feeling pregnantie, prolly because of dinner, fries and bubble-tea. Talking about losing weight. Shucks. -.-

The total study week have been very boring and days has been a chore.
Waking up early only to go school and lose all the concentration. damned.
Anyway, Woke up pretty early this morning, despite that i have no school. Head out, came back and went back to sleep {Quite unsuccessfully}.
Then woke up to have lunch, revised and had dinner before heading out to meet michelle for eighteenth chef.
Was quote glad she called me out, maybe i need a breather.
And we randomly talked about my Birthday.

That's another thing on my mind.
Told her about my many ideas yet none i thought would be feasible among.
BooHoo. I love birthdays! :)

Sh!t. :)
Next! Have been lagging behind in my crafts and photog. :( Boo. Really need to start drawing and snapping around before i get real rusty! NOOOO. :)

*GRRS* I am acting as an ___ on Saturday. Please don't come and visit me. :) I love you Guys.

LOves suie. :)

P/s: Trust is like a mirror, when its broken it can be mended back, but when you look at the reflection/it, you can still see the cracks.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.