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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Paused in time @ 11:41 PM

Ah. Okay. I guess in this world, at least to me, There is nothing call stop.

Right, these few days are horrible enough to tell me that karma's striking and i should stop being to mean/direct/crude, whatever.
Ever heard of something call Wisdom tooth? That's right, that's the something that got me hands down.

Don't want to go further.
Had my surgery yesterday, freaking bled til' four a.m today.
Anesthetic, drills, slits. O.M.G

Meanwhile met up with the seven girls after my surgery, had problems eating and speaking, and end up had to go home. Shucks.

Woke up early and was hungry to the max, ate and ate, i took an one hour to eat a bread. -.-
Yeah, that bad. Now having project meeting before heading to tampines to meet my band mates.
Having problems in communicating. Like, wtheck.

'Feeling really down;
Feeling really blue;
When i thought i have naught, i think of you;
something so far, somewhere on the earth;
some place i know that i didnt deserve-d;
When people said feeling sad was blue, i thought, neutral was blue;
when someone said feeling sad was black, i thought that desire was indeed black;
and when someone said feeling sad was red/ red was feeling sad, i thought that was just blood in red.'

Waiting for your comeback. Make me alive once again.
I overlooked but i came back. Right into your arms? i fret.

love suie. Baby come back. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.