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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Hungry @ 10:52 AM

Second paper down. Yes. Two more to go, Oh no.

Was feeling super mundane and super full for the whole day, and when night falls, i felt super drained. Went to grab some grubs and went back to routinal 'slave work'.

Perhaps i was dreading the need to study and prepare for examination. Dreading the repeating cycle.
How contradicting my life could be, yeah and it boils down to me. :)

Super irritated by my sister. {Bull-sh!t}
Many things to do, time-precious.
Sorry for the irregular updates and length. :)

Side note :
"Family problem and urgency is getting worse, towards almost everything, i feel its' coming down. Yet i feel this isolation, this thing that its' okay, i'd be alright, i mean i am not caring for it afterall..i know God will still be there, and i know thy will make everything better. :) i need to grow spritually, i need to do what i want to do. I trust, i will pray, with faith and love."

Oh well, i guess i have to start saving and all, {or maybe catch a rich man's son} but with what i have, i guess i need to wait a long time hur ? :(

Right, have to stop blogging for awhile, while i get everything settled. I have many to do. So little time and i keep forgetting things here and there. Sorry for promises that i fail. Please do remind me. I am trying my best and all. :(

suie: you need to get your goals done.
p/s: Don't get it why generally people like to use break up, this word so freely like it doesnt matter at all? goodness.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.