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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Ever felt the ache from within? @ 9:25 AM

Technically my birthday just passed!
Ended with a happier note this morning, i now feel even better after reading arran's card.
Showered and downed three pills. And it does not taste good at all. Argh.
I really hope i get better and my wound heals. It's hurting even now, plus my back is aching too! *Hopes and prays*muscle recovers a.s.a.p. Gahhs.
Seems like a normal day hur? Nopes!

I had much fun with my girls, technically just michelle and carmen, but i had xin xin in my heart with me tooo! :) Dinner was great because people came early! i know they wanted to surprise me but the wind was too stronggG! :x
Nonetheless i appreciate it to the maxxx! Received pressies, cards and such, i am very happie to get those lovely ping-pong balls that has writtings on them. so cute! :) hehe. ;)
It ended with a speech from kishhy, which i am very very very honoured to receive. *Smiles* And a lovely cake from the rest. :) haha. ;) Also picture taking is a must, i do hope everyone enjoyed then, and i know it was a little boring and that Tp-peeps are having school the next day. Sorry guys! My Bad! ;x

Many things to do and continue after the mark of yesterday/to-day. Many.
A breather and move on.


Was reminded that karma bites, i should really repent sooner or later. My back's aching like o.m.g.

I need to rest. BYE!

loves suie!

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.