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Saturday, July 03, 2010
I mean there really is time-machine, no? @ 10:48 AM

May be it was meant to be this way. All along. I shouldn't even try, but i tried.
May be that stubborn streak in me, wasn't that stubborn after all. Isn't it all contradicting ?

I was quite hyped for the past few days. Busy, but yes i enjoyed. I suppose i even lost like one-two kg. :) happy. ;)

Everything seems so blurred. Like i can't even recall what's happening in school.
All i remembered was working real hard. Not the least on my studies though. Which is kinda bad. I think.

These days i learned like so much, other than reading "Purity", but also the accompany i had these days. Thanks to the reality bitches that makes you feel like quoting, life's a bitch.
Also, my lovely jacjac. Sometimes i just feel like squeezing her to death, but i just can't help it to say things to her that felt so cold. But i really love her.
It almost seems like i am her boyfriend or something. Weird.

StreetWise event @ 215. Hmm.

Sleep is almost as important. Right ?
:)) I am deeply in madness for ice-cream. I had ice-creams for five days. I repeat. Straight five days. Along with cereals and cereal bars for five days. I guess i was being paranoid.

Be the change you want to see. I see. But not everyone would change even if you did. Right ?
Something else to think about too :

From thezombiewearspink.tumblr
"I let him go;
But that doesn't mean that i don't love him;
i'm just thinking of what might happen someday, in the time we don't expect;
we will just meet.
And maybe, just maybe;
it would be our time."


They always say, you will find the other part of your heart. And because when the heart is in the middle but beats on the left, when your partner faces you, he's/her's beats on your right and yours to theirs.

But what if, what if, you found some one that loves you at your worst, and backs you up and stay by your side silently when your at your best, and yet, it isn't "our" time.
Overcoming odds to be together, not only once, not only twice, even for the nth times.
And yet there wasn't distance seen or felt, none at all, as they see each other face to face.

When it isn't meant to be. What can you do ? i mean. What could you do ?
Would you ?

Ever thought if something is, it could be was ?
I suddenly thought of something,
"Policemen in the past used to wear shorts".


Leaving. Suie.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.