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Monday, July 05, 2010
Something fun. @ 9:50 AM

Ah. I almost had a BD.

"When tears start flowing uncontrollable; And you can do nothing about it. It's not about being emotional, it is just an outpouring of things that you have kept within for so long that your body and mind just can't take it no more and has to find a way to release it. Some how."

haha, i am weird. Aren't i?
I still can't figure myself after so long, while others seen me as easy as 123.
Maybe i am that, or this. But am i?
I have to stop all the deluding and all the looking for myself in others.

I received my papers, somehow i managed to do the worst in this semester.
I failed one/two papers, got a B and a D+. I need to buck up ?
I think i need to be more supportive of myself. I let myself fall to much, too many times, that i am getting used to it.
Determination. Self-Control. Persistance. Rid of fears and phobias. Do handstands within a month. Be in five items of danzation.

Amazing race and some thing else excites me, not much on academics. -DONATION TIME.
Perhaps i should be better off alone (At times) when i am being sucha bitch. Because i doubt anyone can stand it or debate with me. {And win} Procrastinating, like whatever.
This sentence made me think of LSM.

I found a couple of good friends in NAP.
Not bad. :)

Right, i am heading off. Too much to think. School is early tomorrow. I am dying on the word 'Deprived'.

Loves suie.

p/s: i hate people that judge. Like, judge judge.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.