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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
love is but anything. @ 11:11 PM

I heard the ring of the tune out from the piano in my dream. I woke, i find myself tad too early for class. Anyway, text-ed a few peeps and dragged myself out of bed. :) Fried rice with awesome dishes and Milo. Nice. :)

Head over to school alone, and met up with KC for lunch. Had papaya milkshake which most probably led to an upset tummy of mine. Super happy thinking about my pressie at home. Pretty random though. I suppose people are acting weird again (In school), which i can't seem to figure. oh well.


I am craving more junk food then ever. But i had to stop. Because KC says so. ;) Heh. :)
School's been boring and busy! With Assignments more than ever and deadlines nearing. Oh dear.
And i need time for things.
I want to watch 'despicable me', and CS flew a plane on me. :(
WHO WANNA WATCH! I wanna watch it in 2D and 3D, twice! Volunteers anyone?

Next up in schedule:
Gym and more workout for the next few weeks. I am getting weak and a little flabby. I need to tone up moree! ;)
Gladly for peeps to join me.
Anyway, enough of personal stuffs (As if). GERMANY THIRD PLACE. I owe dwayne two lunches. :(

Mates fighting in class. :(
Oh well, Studying and work hard time.



When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.