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Sunday, July 25, 2010
HOTMAIL. @ 11:32 PM


As simple as that. A smile crept in, followed by warm gestures and a cup of tea.
Days were as hectic as usual. Except that it was really 24hr. I slept for three hours in a spread for 48hours, Due to the taxing assignments and all. One more marathon for the week and i am done. Currently with no bookings made upon my august, except for some draft dates and work.

Three weeks of study break. Weird. I really hope to pass and score all the modules this semester so i can make it for the next at a whole new level. I really need some sleep man. Gawd.

-Woke from class room nap -
Feeling really weird in my tummy. Should be my food. Args.
I really kinda miss the days in the young. In my white dress running around. Fulfilling my own desires and dreams, of birth days and fantasy. And yet, at the end of the day you go home and face the dull done reality.

Having dance practice later, my knee hurts, i think it is being positioned weird. Oh.
I hope it gets better later and well i hope it goes back to position too.
Almost a week with my cousin. Like devoting time with a person and time isn't enough.
It was fun and all, with chattering(s) and long walks.
Had subway consecutively like really. So i guess i won't be craving much of it for these days and prolly up to a week. Before i go subway goo goo again.

I am having distance with people around. Somehow it don't hurt or affect me as much anymore, prolly it is more hurting in the memory than of experiencing it. I don't know if it is a good thing, but perhaps not a bad one too.

Yesterday, was a shagged out day. Though really enjoyable because it was with Geminis'.
Yeah. Biased. Whatever. Had long debates and talk. It was all good. A relief and outburst of sudden moments in life and i start to really feel better already. Though there were plentiful of them still buried within the depth but it will begone like how my conscious want too, and unconsciously keeping it.
People experience whole lot of thing, and really i am grateful for the fact that the one emotion that my body first use is crying. It is prolly the one that most people don't want to use it, or use it manipulative.

Sometimes i tried to control it. But maybe i should just let it be. That way i'd be happier. Class is over like centuries ago. Another class coming in. Gotta run like Million. :)

Loving something so far away. Loving someone that close in depth.
And loving somewhere that never exist.
Loves suie.

p/s: You know, it will not be your smiles i will be captivated no more. But the ones around from people that i don't even know.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.