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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Hidden For Far Too Long. @ 8:28 PM

Maybe i should not expect so much when i din't do any. Turns out my principle was just as right.
Is it?

Yesterday was a revelation day for me. Sort of.
Indeed i was too stubborn after-all.
Tears welled up in me, the corner of my eyes and deep down within.
Emotions too.
Anyway, i really got to buck up in some aspects of my life. Definitely the least of social. Not that it is good, but others are just more important.

Yesterday Janice came, along with her family couple. I was being a bad host since i am so "obedient" I don't have much night-life stuffs to show them around. :)
Went about walking, sundaes, subway and more Chatterings. I kinda enjoy how we filled each other so quickly and short.

I am thankful for her as well as the Geminis' around me. And so the Arieses
And i learned well a valuable lesson on how fast people could actually cut ties off.
How people assume things so easily.

I find it hard to really express myself. But nonetheless i felt and realized that actually i don't have to.
Going to have many fun and regrets, but yet it isn't going to end. :) To live a life that full, you make things unpredictable.

Quotes are never ending, but fun to began with. :)

Leaving here,

I have been time-stopping for too long. It is time to move on.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.