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Saturday, August 07, 2010
Don't really want to talk about @ 9:12 AM

Pictures. Megawatts.

Every days' a flowing stream of water;
Like a vast of land, the winds' breeze led our direction;
And at some point, some time, there would be a milestone, a rock or a pebble in place;
But not fret, nor weep, we have,
Yet when nightfalls and dawn breaks we cry the first dew we had.
We were strong as we lived, and as weak we could be when trampled...


She is crying in the depths, deeper than any living could go, that any form or substance could stand the pressure suppressed;

Hollow's the voice that is still left, Swollen's the eyes that are still there, And broken's the word the body has;

Left not she had, gone not she whispered, yet in her mind she dreams a place further than anyone had expected;

The scar she dawned hurts her more than ever, but the smiles she dawned was brighter than ever;
Who would have seen, the pain that she contains, but no more than those, that reads her eyes more than her face;

No one listens, because they would not believe, and no one cares because it is how the world seem. Listen to me, not by reading or asking, but listen to me when i am quiet and staring.


I really need you now, need you now.
I really really shouldn't care so much. I promised to bring (you) when i leave, when we were younger, trusted, and believed. But i am afraid i have to break this promise, this responsibility. And you are right, or rather, were right. I am dead-serious, too serious at times. But you know what, this is the me that you see but failed to realize. And even if you did, i bet you would not even cared the least.

I wonder why am i born in this family, by fate or fortune, but i guess my past was right (that is), an adopted child that was found on sight. What could i say, when you never meant anything, but fallacy and phony was what i held on to believe.

I never was as fortuned as i thought i was, i guess i was living in a build up optimization-ed world on my own. It was never too late for me to learn, but what if i don't wishe to?

I can't believe i am still so ..... perhaps you were right my best friend, which i can't believe so. Because i thought there was still someone like me, but turns out, i suppose no one is hur. To think i still wanna work for you. You .... I can't believe you are my mother. Wrong my adoptive mother.

Bye world.
Loves: Suie.

P/s : i will never suicide, if any dumb-ass out there is to assume or believe so.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.