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Thursday, August 19, 2010
Dance Dance @ 7:24 AM


K's birthday just went over, he's officially eighteenth! It was fun and all. Though it's memories all over. Everything was fun, i love the people, talks and laughters.
At least we are true. :)

Anyway, after the Barbecue and cake. We all went crazy over Korean hits. We had a fair share of haters and lovers. ;)
Ending as a wonderful night before reaching homes in the arms of my mumi and had a nice rest. :)
Afterwards; i really can't remember what happen, except an awful experience at the beach. :(

Right. Today, had a most laziest day of the month. Like literally rolled on bed for Gawd knows how many millennium hours. And got myself into the pool with Hammie.
It's like a freaking thousand years since i swam with her. We stayed in the pool for like two hours long and swam ten laps. The goal of the day. Yeah! *shouts*


Suddenly there's this pause in me. I don't know when and how. But yeah, its there.
And now i can't wait to have it played, so that i can once again be revived again.

I am not afraid.
Because i have the song, i have you, and me, and most importantly my savior - jesus and God. ;)

signing off; suie..
p/s: all the best to Danzation. ;)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.