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Thursday, August 12, 2010
Deepest Grief @ 11:50 PM

Unusual me.

Lagging of pictures,
I need more time,
Answers some questions,
I need mere thymes,
Going around in circles and in daze,
I woke up and find my life with nothing but haze,
But later on as i go on with life,
I realize pure thyme was nothing but twine,
twine in ships, twine in days,
Twine in somewhere where none others may.

Work and more work. What else.
So glad to see faces of familiarity, when all i do at work is gaze and gaze.
Dilly dally for awhile before heading elsewhere. Met them up at Mos Burger, i realize i had strange views upon me.
Took enjoyment in my ice lemon tea, i did some quick pickups for my granny's birthday. Seeing how early the rest are preparing for it. Gawd. It is like almost a month away!
Nonetheless, i got/prepped myself one and a half outfit for the two day trip.
Rest seems far from me, though i much would like to have more of it. Brunch was horrible, but the snack was awesome. :)

Dance dance dance; I really want to go for danzation... But will i get chosen?
Oh well. Friday the 13th. Should i head home earlier ? :)

Logging off.
loves suie. :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.