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Saturday, August 21, 2010
Theatres. @ 10:12 AM

Voyage De La'vie

I am going to rate everything to ten. The show's / play's Gazillion upon ten. O.M.G. Was what i can conjure the whole show. [In addition(s) were; Freak, sh!ttzz, Did you see that?! Wow. ]
The only word i am not being able to say just yet, the word (F***).

I shan't ruin it by describing the whole show but i was indeed freaking marveled by the whole thing, much thanks to all the fireworks too. The actors were awesome, and so is the story. :) I really loved it, and i thank my best friend(s) for the whole experience. :)

[It would be good if you just read the story/script (only); than viewing the trailer, i mean it spoils the anticipation(it) only, right?]

Bought two postcards from the place, even though Carmen thinks it's totally not worth it. But anyway, it's four bux for two. :)

Freaking love the girl that was with that supposing bad guy? I am not sure what he is, but he's alright. :) The girl is tall, hot, and beautiful. :) yeah. Beautiful. :)

The whole play lasted for an hour half, and it was ten by then. Took a couple more pictures before we ended the day. :) Shrieks* I loved it when i spend quality time with her.
It's really better than quantity isn't it? :)
Right i will leave the pictures to talk then. ;)


WE are like some country pumpkins, amazed by the size of the walkway, lounges and well even the bathrooms. ;)

I feel so comfortable in the cute top. Well worth spent money.

Before we stepped in. ;)
Ending with the picture.
A picture to last.
I am definitely going to watch again.
Definitely with you; _______. (____________)

Logging off - Su ie , kiki.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.