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Sunday, August 22, 2010
Time won't stop. @ 4:51 AM

Okay, some random things that were going through my brains;

The only way to accept an insult is to ignore it. If you can’t ignore it, top it. If you can’t top it, laugh at it. If you can’t laugh at it, you probably deserved it.
(via thediarists) (via leilockheart)

1. When i was looking for a display picture for my home screen, i inadvertently clicked on our folder. The images flickered as i filled in the memories i had for each, it conjures to a story, with people here and there, Most importantly was what we, or rather i, had felt then. It's miraculous, as the feelings came back, not of love i know, nor of any conflicts, but you know little happy things and emotions, ah. I am lost for words to describe it. Some people claimed that i have vocabs like colors, yet sometimes i just could not find the right words you know?

The feeling is incredible, hardly describable, only the ones who felt it, can see, should realise, know and understand, but then again we all experience and felt it differently don't we? but however, sometimes we know its all the same.

And boy, though our pictures are little, the time's medium, and your love was deep and strong. Frankly i missed you, but then again i know it's gone.

I really hope one day I'd find a man who love me as strong and deeper than you did, and when that day comes i hope, he will be as persuasive as you were, to make me believe forever love once more.

Maybe the time wasn't right for you Mr. Right, but for all you know, for all the right and wrong reasons we had have, our hearts were on the left.

2. I put in too much of me into the relationship, and turns out i am holding on too tightly to let go.
And that's how i get to hurt my pals because of you.
Then again i find myself not hating you, because some how i know the fault lies not you, but in me. Some say i don't get it, but then who's the one being in the relationship?

Then again there's this saying that the outsiders see things clearer than the ones inside. So who's the right one now?

All i know is that, when i was with you, i had memories to share with you, and now when i am not with you, i realise i don't have any memories of you and me to share around.

all i could say is regrets, and more. But you know i haven yet regret loving you, because, maybe just because, there's this period with you that made me learn that loving so much could hurt. But it never made me stop loving.. you see.
And that's how i know how much capacity i had. I believed i changed people, but then your the one that changed me the most. Silly as it sounds, but its so hard to rid the habit you placed in me. The forbidden habits of course.

Retards will know that it's two different you/them up there.

Grr. Enough of me being a piggy. Study!
*wrestles myself*
*Screams* And she wins!!!! DING DING!

I Should wake up soon. ;)

Logging off; love suie/kiki.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.