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Friday, September 03, 2010
Reality struck you like a hurricane. @ 11:50 PM

In the process of locking myself Up.
Hah. When i thought somebody or anybody could replace you.
When i thought whom i was missing was;
One; Two; Three.
But then it was you, there's this ache when i know you're doing..

I am just Zealous, because i know we were both each other's,
And i didn't know the purpose of that card was to split up.
I guess i still love you after all.
Even how much far we have gone apart,
I still miss you now and then,
The times where no one else understood but you do,
the way how you relate to me,
thy mystical feeling,
the silence,
The little things you do,
the closeness,
the telepathy,
everything else that simply reminds me of you,
Its' so good, i smiled,
but i felt no tears to the ache when i know,
we aren't going back again.

Is it because you know i don't believe in walking back?
If i could tell you again; If we were back there again;
I would tell you,
you are&were the best damn thing that happened to me then.

Can we remove our anchors to move on?
I wonder what would we be if we didn't stop.

1. Having breakfast with you.
2. Smiling at each other.
3. Silence
4. Knowing that you are thinking about the same thing as me when others weren't.
5. Secrets.
6. Jokes.
7. Late phone calls.
8. Gossiping.
9. Gaming.
10. Nick-Names that only you give and call.
11. My daily dose of milo from you.
12. Walking with you.
13. When all we had to do is look at each other.
14. Devilish indulgence of food.
15. Going home.
16. Chatting underneath blocks.
17. Going to Malls.
18. When you are at my place.
19. When we are on the same book.
20. Avid readers of the same kind.
21. Believes in magic.
22. dreams of fantasies.
23. Enjoy/amused easily.
24. daydream.
25. Long bus rides.
26. Awesome music (sharing)
27. Get bored together.
28. When we have the same dislikes.
29. When we know quality beats quantity.
30. Freedom is important
31. But we were tied together.
32. random comments.
33. random compliments.
34. How you cared.
35. Your sensitivity.
36. How thoughtful were you.
37. Pretty boy.
38. How much you like to ponder.
39. How the both of us fail to be able to lie.
40. How lazy you are.
41. How my home becomes yours.
42. How even though you might not be my so-call best friend and boyfriend you did everything above.
43. When you use my lappy more than i do.

Do i even have to continue? Or am i just flooding my memories here?



When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.