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Friday, August 27, 2010
Nothing's good. @ 3:58 AM

You know, i ought to be revising/studying right now. But i just don't have the mood.
But i have tons of mood;

1. To stare at my tele and lappy for Korean tv. :)
2. Spamming sports/workouts.
3. Mindless chatting with my loved ones.
4. Just cooping myself in an air-conditioned room, with my blanky, along with one bucket of ice-cream; or maybe just sweets and endless flow of iced water and a couple magazines and books at my side.

\\That is life. ;) Oh well.

Meanwhile when i am typing this, many whom were like me, must be like rushing work and all, doing all sorts of things to ensure that they score like *** percent in the up and coming examinations. And i wonder how could i still hang out. :( I felt so mean at times.

Arghs. I made a mistake today. Well, the very same mistake(s) i made like in a year. I really really, don't know what gotten over me. I felt useless. I felt redundant. Like My Lord left me. But i know he wouldn't. Because i believe. I am feeling sad, but i know prolly Jbaby would make me happier later. I really hope she does. Cause i really need a hug.

Anyway, i feel like making up, dressing up. Uh. Dollops of these and that hur. :)
Oh well.

Doing the redundant and wrongs things at the very wrong moment.
Ring Ding Ding. I wouldn't blame anyone but myself. Like seriously.

Signing off; loves suie.



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