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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
It's getting stronger. @ 6:51 AM

Nice + Yikes! = No mood to REVISE!
Last paper tomorrow. I hope it's all good.

Totally failed in concentrating fully on revision today at D's.
Loved his mum's cooking. I swear i don't mind eating his mum's cooking like everyday. It's like fantastic. :)

Spamming my holidays on:
Photography/dance/Working-out/Sports/Work/Personal errands/Appointments with docs.
I wanna get my driving licence too! I want a bike. :)
&& I promise to keep my passengers safe, for those who dares to get a ride from me.I really will drive with concentration and care! :)

BooHoo. I better leave the lappy now, else i get stuck with it like O.M.G long. Prolly going to go M.I.A During the Holidays from the lappy. :)
Everyone needs a break some times. :)

Byeee People. :) Miss me.
Loves; Suie.

p/s: i hope to get good reads/films for cameras/interesting sights/things tomorrow.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.