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Monday, September 13, 2010
Rewinding the days @ 10:54 AM

Just came back from Malaysia and sent Carmen off to Shang Hai. I am (Indeed) going to miss her.
Granny's birthday celebration was awesome, because i get to see my cousin. It is always good [Therapeutic] to go back Malaysia once awhile. It's nice over there. Plus i get to share stories and check up on my cousin when i am over there. ;) It is always wonderful to speak to your family members and be close to them. How i wishe they were here. Anyway i will be meeting them soon. ;) Its nice to see my cousins finding their smiles. ;)

Right, i've over-used the word Nice in the above paragraph and i ought to stop. :)

Dance practice(s) started! Awesome. :) and i need to sign up for more dance courses soon. ;) Popping and reggae here i come! :) *Smiles*

Anyway, i lost the mood to blog already. I just want to thank a few people who like really helped me these days. (That particular week)

______ & Janice & _______.
If you guys read my blog la.That is. :)

Bye. :)

P/S: i might leave/left some names out. I don't know. :)


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