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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
when you feel that tiresome. @ 9:44 AM

I am tired.
Maybe it's time for me to be. Isn't it ?
I am tired of doing so much. I am tired of the up keeping of being me.
I am not acting to be who i am now, but it's really tired to be me, the real me.
Can i just change to be like what of those scene kids? It's easier isn't it?
Falling for temptations, go emotional the whole day. Act as if it's a big deal when your mom don't give you that extra allowance. [I don't know , something like that, making a big fuss out of EVERYTHING]
Yes i am being mean. And yes i sound critical, more critical (skeptical) these days. Because i don't have the drive to go and re-package every word and sentence i wanna say. I just wanna laze through my sentences and say what i wanna say, straight in the face.
If you can't take it, forget about it.
If you can't understand it, Why are you even my friend in the first place?

I need some excitement.
I need some comfort.
I need some surprises.
I need some space.
I need a whole bunch of things;
And that includes you.
Why can't you just ask. When you already know what i would have said.

Can't you just hold my hand as long as you want to; why must i be the one holding on.

I can't stand guys with NO balls. And you know what, more than half of the guys in the world out there have no BALLS at all.

Ah. I am getting oh-so-agitated. Freak.



When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.