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Sunday, October 03, 2010
When we start to pretend things are the way they were. @ 9:57 PM

How am i feeling right now?
Take me back to how it used to be, and i will tell you it's not gonna be. Something i held on so tight, some how a way i strongly stand against.

Woke up at nine in the morning today. It felt as though i haven got enough sleep.
Ended dance/training camp yesterday. I feel joyful over the fact that, it wasn't quite a wasted... trip? I learnt a couple things there. :) Plus i am having sorethroat which means i got louder in camp, according to my senior. -.-

Results on children's day/my father's birthday/Technically also the first day of camp. Delightful.
I should really buck up, and get a nicer GPA. My mom's telling me how people say 3.7 is like the minimum. Oh. How nice.

I am tired of putting up a front, but somehow it's like an auto-mechanism in me. Not every time, but some point of time to certain people.
It makes me feel sad. But when you've come to the point whereby people don't listen to you anymore, when you know hey it's none of their business and they actually show it to you, shoving it up to your face. F***ing obvious too.
Then it's time to move on again.
I am really sick of having to explain this and that. Of people doubting me here, and questioning me there. "You read me and i scheme"- That kind of sh!t. (Not that i do that. Okay here i am trying to explain again.)
WTF is wrong with this world.
People just treat you the way how you treat them. If you f***ing **** them, they will just screw you back the same way you do.
I should stop the ranting now. Period.

"Things people don't know can't hurt them." - Quoted from book 'The Tenth Circle', author jodi picoult.
Sometimes lying to others is like lying to yourself. First you make yourself believe it then you tell others and make them believe. Then the greatest liars are politicians and magicians themselves. - suie/kiki.
Basically i won't say all humans hur. :)

Okay i really should go off now. maybe.

Loves suie. :) DANCE DANCE DANCE.
p/s: I hope my Knee recovers A.S.A.P.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.