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Friday, November 05, 2010
Mister Potato Crisps. @ 4:31 AM


Right. I have to get some spirit back.
It's time to ________ and be ___ again. I don't know. It may led to something like how it used to be. Or maybe i will just be that little me somewhere again. But recently i have been nowhere here or there but just nowhere.
I like the way the raindrops falls upon my skin; against my stride;
I like the way i plunge myself into the water. I like it when we dive.
I like the way i perspire and sweat rolls down from my forehead to my cheeks;
From my shoulders to my lower back;
From my thighs to calves.

i think i am falling sick. Falling apart. I guess to change you first have to come apart. I think.
I need to lose weight. I need to study hard. I need to be able to take care of myself.
And i need more commitment to God. :)

Some times you think too much;
Some times so naive.
Some times you ran too fast;
without having to first stabilize the walk.
And some times you dreamt too wide;
You never realize the beautiful things beside.

Some times i just went astray, in things of these and thoughts of that. I really don't understand how humans do things like these and that. But maybe it's just me because some how it applies just as same to them of how they critic of me. Hmm. Or rather they just say what they assumed. Besides its our nature isn't it, to assume, assume and assume.
Else where's the scientist that makes the hypothesis? :)

Food for all. :)

Bye. ;)

loves suie. I have to lose weight.

P.s: I really need my white horsed prince now, so world please square up! :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.